A quiz...

From: Hades (tourach@servtech.com)
Date: 06/10/96

I just came up with this and wanted to see if anyone else could figure it

Without using an if statement or the: x == 5 ? "yes" : "no" format (I forget
it's technical name) can you do the following (and in the least amount of
code too)

make a function/command/macro/whatever that will take a number and reduce it
down to the next even number (IE if it's 12, it returns/gives 12, if it's
13, it gives/returns 12)

Remember, no if statements, and in least possible code...

Doh I just though of anohter solution which would be even easier than the
first one I came up with... dunno if it'd work tho will have to test it out.

Hades the master of innane questions and dumb shit at wee hours of the

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