Re: Races... (fwd)

From: Thomas Pedersen (
Date: 06/11/96

As someone previously and wisely pinpointed; use one of the spare fields 
in special_char_data_saved.  Should save you this trouble.  

(hint though: you might save it, but maybe never read it?)


At 10:49 AM 6/10/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Well, I got races up and working in my mud.. but I have one problem.. it 
>won't save what race you are.. i.e. whenever you save quit 0 and relog.. 
>it says you are the race UNDEFINED.. <0>.. I put byte race by the byte 
>class.. etc etc.. wherever class is in structs.h there is race right next 
>to it.. err above it.. and it saves classes fine, yet I can't get it to 
>save races....
I've also had the same problem.  I noticed it about the first time when you
would quit, and came back, and no matter what race you were when you quit,
when you got back it would be human.  Somebody please tell us how to fix
this thing =).

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