'WHO' problem

Date: 06/11/96

People .here is my problem
      I know the answer is sooo obvious I just can't see it

The problem is with the who code...

Is does morts fine, but for some reasonn it likes to snip immorts...and
everything after one

Every so often two Imms will show up

I am confused...and sick of this code

*ANY* help would be ****GREAT*****

Only variable added...was...
imm_title[20]   <--- I think....

It compiles fine...

   The num_can_see is consistent with the amount of peopleon the 'who'
command...but that amount isn't consistent with the people who actually
are connected

   There is a big SNIP before/after this code...
If anymore code would help..let me know...

                   (code looks sloppy cause I logged it)

if (short_list) {


} else {
 if (GET_LEVEL(tch) < 31) {
sprintf(buf, "%s[%2d %s ] %s %s",
        (GET_LEVEL(tch) >= LVL_IMMORT ? CCYEL(ch, C_SPR) : ""),
          GET_LEVEL(tch), CLASS_ABBR(tch), GET_NAME(tch),
} else {
strcpy(imm_title, "");                        <***--- Prob in here
if (GET_LEVEL(tch) == 31)
sprintf(imm_title, "   %sWizard%s  ",
 CCRED(ch, C_SPR), CCMAG(ch, C_SPR) );

if (GET_LEVEL(tch) == 32)
sprintf(imm_title, "  %sImmortal%s ",
          CCGRN(ch, C_SPR), CCMAG(ch, C_SPR) );

if (GET_LEVEL(tch) == 33)
sprintf(imm_title, "%sGreater God%s",
          CCBLU(ch, C_SPR), CCMAG(ch, C_SPR) );

if (GET_LEVEL(tch) == 34)
sprintf(imm_title, "%sImplementor%s",
  CCCYN(ch, C_SPR), CCMAG(ch, C_SPR) );

if (GET_LEVEL(tch) > 34)
sprintf(imm_title, "ERROR   ");

sprintf(buf, "%s[%s]%s %s %s",
(GET_LEVEL(tch) >= LVL_IMMORT ? CCMAG(ch, C_SPR) : ""),
imm_title, CCYEL(ch, C_SPR), GET_NAME(tch), GET_TITLE(tch));

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