Re: race/class menu

From: Thomas Pedersen (
Date: 06/12/96

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Brian Williams - Nashak wrote:

Why limit like this? Instead make life as Troll-Monk miserable (so noone
would choose it).....etc.

Personally I hate the idea of selecting Race / Class before U even enter
the game, so at my mud people can choose after playing a bit, and actually
understand the differences.  Races can only be selected after lvl 5.

IMHO. :)


> I got no bugs now.. fixed martial arts.. but I was wondering, how could 
> you restrict classes to certain races.. like so monks can't be trolls, 
> etc.. and it wouldn't say it on the menu.. like la la.. pick troll, then 
> up comes class menu.. then la la ... only says "warrior" instead of 
> cleric sorcerer monk thief warrior
> thanks ahead of time
> Brian
> Nashak
> etc etc


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