Re: Can't figure out this error for Windows 95?

From: Ian Stephenson (
Date: 06/13/96

In message <>, Eric Bonney
<> writes
>   I have been attempting to get Circle 3.0 to compile under Windows 95.
>For the past week or so I have tried to figure out what the following error
>number from Winsock is:
>                       Error opening Network Connection:  Winsock err #10047.
>        I just started last week working on this, I am working on my stand
>alone PC that is a 486dx 66mhz, 8 RAM.
You have to configure winsock within Win95.  Install the TCP/IP driver
in Networks, and set it up with your IP address etc.

Incidentally, I've noticed that I can't establish a new client session
(regardless of which client software I'm using) when I'm off-line from
the .net.  I have to connect onto the .net, log my client session onto
the Mud, then disconnect the .net again.  I guess it has something to do
with my .net provider's domain name server being unavailable.
Ian Stephenson

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