Re: Netbsd

From: Michael Scott (
Date: 06/13/96

> Has anyone got circle to run under Netbsd for the mac?  It's suposed to be
> a unix emulator for the mac.
> Chris
	I've been working on my circle based mud with NetBSD 1.1 for 
about the last 5 months.. while netbsd itself has a few minor buges, 
for the most part the MUD has been unaffected.  I haven't actually 
compiled the 'out-of-the-box' release since 2.2, but 3.0bpl11 should 
configure and run just fine (ive kept up to date on most the changes).

	Did you have a specific problem with yer version of NetBSD?

	NOTE: Mine is the Amiga version not Mac.
	NOTE2: If you are an Amiga owner (*still*) and are wanting to put
up a CircleMUD, NetBSD is a VERY complete package which is freely d/l able
at : /pub/NetBSD-Amiga  (err.. i think) .. comes with a ppp
package, gcc compiler, etc. (basic unix setup)

                                  Michael Scott aka Manx!
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