Re: CS101:player_specials_saved (fwd)

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 06/14/96

On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, Billy H. Chan wrote:

> BTW: Worst case about adding to the save structure is a player wipe... if
> your mud's client base is small, just record everyone's stats, wipe, and
> then reimburse.

Ok, I was thinking, it may not be the best way, specially for keeping 
track of the players, but can't it be done something like making paralel 
directories to the ones the players have already, just like you have a 
players/ dir with A-D (whatever) you could add a dir for races/, skills/, 
whatever, and you could put the users you have already with default 
values and change them as these people want, say, you add races, you 
could make everyone human (which would keep them just as they are now) 
and change whomever doesnt like that, and new players would be able of 
choosing whatever they want to be.

I think I saw this somewhere, maybe some code for aliases, but I cannot 
be sure since I never made none of those work.

Is there any practical reason not to go this way (obviously it only 
applies when adding to a players file, not when modifying or changing it).


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