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From: The PC Group (
Date: 03/14/96

salam sarwar,

this is rehan,

well when and who gfave u the following as i didnt received any copy 
from digicom??

Plus shouldnt u have statted on the list to say that the following is 
the contract by an isp , it looked from the header like a rule 
announcement from gvt of pakistan



From: Sarwar Mushtaq <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 08:08:48 +1000
Subject: [AIM] PK/ISP: New ISP rules in Pakistan

Following is the text of the new contract required by ISPs. Without
agreement and compliance, services will be terminated. One or two
points of interest regarding 'freedom' in here. Might be of interest
to some of the readers. Are all the countries in this part of the
world taking a similar position?


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