Re: Is it worth is?

From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 06/16/96

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Hades wrote:
> Is the diffrences between ELF and .aout worth bothering to deal with all the
> hassles and bugs of the elf code? I am this close to going back to a.out.
> WHat are the actual diffrences?

What bugs have you found with ELF?  ELF works just fine for me, and most 
other people using Linux, Sun and whatever else OS uses it.  For most 
people, ELF is not going to make much difference, unless you want to do 
some run-time link and stuff like that.  ELF doesn't have any more 
hassles associated with it either as far as I know.  I got Slackware 
3.0,  got the new gdb, and everything is fine and dandy.  aout is 
beginning to fade away, and ELF is the new defacto(sp?) standard.  
There's even been people suggesting removing aout support from the Linux 
kernel altogether, this wont happen for quite a while yet, but it gives 
you an idea of what aout is now.  You'll see that pretty much anything 
that is sold as executable only will mostly be ELF from now on (already is).

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