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From: Johan Dustler (
Date: 06/17/96

> From: Mud <>
> We are running a circle 3.00 bpl10 and we have a strange bug that none of 
> our coders can seem to pinpoint. The bug is, you can only read mail/look in
> containers(bags or corpses) when you are wearing eq. We *have* added autoeq,
> But I don't think that would have anything to do with it. And our best coder
> has wasted numerous hours trying to track it down. Has anyone else had a 
> similar problem with this and fixed it? Or do you got any ideas what could 
> be the cause? Please let me know.
> Kurupt
> 4000
> Malacious Bliss ] [ Imp.

This is a bug in pl10, it has been fixed in pl11.
In handler.c go to generic_find() and check that the if
statement handling FIND_OBJ_EQUIP looks like this:

  if (IS_SET(bitvector, FIND_OBJ_EQUIP)) {
    for (found = FALSE, i = 0; i < NUM_WEARS && !found; i++)
      if (GET_EQ(ch, i) && isname(name, GET_EQ(ch, i)->name) == 1) {
                     /*    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
                           This is the important part */    
        *tar_obj = GET_EQ(ch, i);
        found = TRUE;
    if (found) {
      return (FIND_OBJ_EQUIP);


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