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From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 06/17/96

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Hades wrote:

> > What bugs have you found with ELF?  ELF works just fine for me, and most 
> Ok, the buglist:
>   1) ELF caught a bug that a.out let slip by, so that's a good thing, but
> was a bitch to hunt down.

This is a Good Thing(tm).  It does things a little different, and things 
like this might happen.

>   2) My mud is crashing like a madman when one looting mob loots something.
> If I remove it's spec_proc, it runs fine... leave the spec in, it crashes.
> No I know how to code and I do it damn well, so you can believe me when I
> say I debugged the HELL out of that specproc. Wanna hear the best part? gdb
> tells me it crashed in: malloc (),... there IS NO malloc in that specproc.
> It's really dfrustrating...

Just because there is no explicit malloc inside the spec means nothing.  
There could be a malloc call right before or after, or maybe even a 
syscall that you use.  a str_dup() maybe? I doubt ELF would cause this.

>  3) For some reason, at a time which I cannot pinpoint, some chars on the
> mud are having their maxhit and maxmove numbers COMPLETELY destroyed... like
> 350 hps to 5, 120 maxmove to 12... and I cannot find a single thing to
> indicate why it would be happeneing. I have checked and rechecked and
> tripplechecked all code dealing with maxmove and maxhit...

I doubt ELF would cause this one.  You have probably added some code 
somewhere that screws it up.  I know I have sometimes triplechecked or 
more some code, and it was a stupid little thing that was hard to see.

> NONE of these bugs ever happened when I was on a.out...

But you have added quite a bit of code since you moved to ELF, no?

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