off topic: Redirecting output in the autorun file (with GDB)

From: Rasmus \ (
Date: 06/19/96


As the 'short' message header sugests this might be called off topic, and 
I might be flamed for not calling it so.
Anyway, I'm having a problem concerning the use of the shell < and > 
redirection commands, as I'm trying to set the autrun script up to be 
able to shoort off GDB in a 'automatic' mode with a scriptfile.
The problem is concerned with the fact that GDB sends it's output (plus 
the output it gets from the mud) to the tty/console/std. output.

The original command looks like (without $FLAG and $PORT stuff):

  bin/Circle >>& syslog

Now I'm firering gdb up, to load bin/Circle and then execute away driven 
by a small 'scriptfile' with the run command and some stuff I want to 
knwo when the mud exits in a file called gdb.script.
I tried the following two methods of redirection:

  gdb bin/Circle < gdb.script > syslog
  gdb bin/Circle > syslog < gdb.script

both execute (fire up gdb, and run the script), but both versions SPAM 
the tty/std. output instead of placing the output into a file (the syslog).
does anyone know how to make it work right ? I mean I beleave there must 
be a solution in a SHELL kind of way, instead of redifining circle to 
write to a sdandard logfile instead of the std. output..

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Any people who want to know the solution, if I get/find one can send me a 
little letter telling so (PRIVATELY to, don't spam the list, or 
I'll just be semiflamed for making loads of off topic stuff, that doesnt 
seem off topic to me.. )


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