Re: Guildguard problem

From: George (
Date: 06/19/96

On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, Bruno Dogan wrote:

> I added a new class (assassin) and everything works fine except
> guildguard. I set the same guild for assassin as for thief and guildguard
> doesn't want to let assassin class to guildmaster. This is the code from
> class.c file which (i think) controls that:
> /* Midgaard */
>   {CLASS_MAGIC_USER,    3017,   SCMD_SOUTH},
>   {CLASS_CLERIC,        3004,   SCMD_NORTH},
>   {(CLASS_THIEF,        3027,   SCMD_EAST},
My first guess would be this, (.
>   {CLASS_WARRIOR,       3021,   SCMD_EAST},
>   {CLASS_ASSASSIN,      3027,   SCMD_EAST}, 
> -----------------------
> Could anyone tell me what's wrong with that ?

Otherwise you have a logical problem:
The code loops through checking if you aren't those classes, so lets say
you're a thief, it checks first, you're not in room 3017 or 3004 so you can
go through, then it check if you're in 3027, you are, and you're a thief
so you can pass.  It checks warrior and you're not in the correct room.
BUT, then it checks if you're an assassin (which you aren't) so it blocks
If you are an assassin, the class_thief will block you.
If you are a thief, the class_assassin will block you.
Effect: no one gets in.

-George of Dragon'Spire @ 5000.

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