NEWBIE: Where is affect set?

From: Kevin Wing (
Date: 06/20/96

	Ok, here's the thing.  I've coded in a new spell called rage, in 
which the caster's damroll is doubled, but they will always get hit no matter
what ac or whatever.  The damroll part works great, it's the always hit part
that gives me trouble.  When I cast the spell, instead of setting aff_rage,
it sets unused.  I have it set in magic.c: af[0].bitvector = AFF_RAGE;, I 
used AFF_UNUSED16 and changed it to AFF_RAGE, yet it still sets unused.  
The problem is, I have a check in fight.c:


Everytime this check is called, I get a seg fault, but my gdb won't 
examine it, because I don't have the new gdb yet.  Anyway, I think it's 
because unused is set instead of AFF_RAGE.  If I'm wrong, let me know, or 
tell me what I'm doing wrong here...

				Thanks in advance...

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