Re: OFF TOPIC: nonsence (was: [ADV.] Malacious Bliss 2)

From: Jeremy Jubenville (
Date: 06/20/96

I would have to agree.  Save the advertising for the newgroups.  Unix and
newbie coding problems i can handle.  Advertising to other implementors
who are working on their own projects is quite another.  THere's enough
spam without all the "200 levels, 9 classes!" bullshit.

Just my opinion, 

Jeremy J. Jubenville (Antioch@Dark Chronicles [ 4000])

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Rasmus "Con" Ronlev wrote:

> On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Mud wrote:
> > He have just began to advertise for MB2. We have:
> uhm, well, I would like to know if there isnt a rule not to advertise 
> ones mud like that on this list ? And, in case there isnt... could anyone 
> flame me by telling me why other imps (like this list is), would have any 
> use for such an advertisement ? In my oppinion it should be posted to 
> (or whatever it's called).. 
> I know this emposes a risk of beeing spammed by some lowlife advertiser 
> of 9.9 cent long distance calls, but I personally beleave it's a better 
> place to advertise for a mud... ?
> Sorry for sending this to the list, but I thought it might prevent others 
> with the same thought from posting adds like that :)
> Regards,
> Con.

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