Re: CODE: connect command

From: Hades (
Date: 06/21/96

> One of my builders suggested a 'connect' command.. where it will
> connect two rooms.. like this:
> 	connect n 1200
> and it will connect yer standing to 1200 to the north.
> And if 1200 doesn't exist.. make it.. with dummy descs and stuff.
> Has anyone made somethin' like this? I'd like to make this...
> but if someone already has.. why bother? hehe
> Thanks!
> Myrddin

Well I did make it but the code wouldnt work for you. My rooms/exits are all
linked lists/pointers and are coded to be modular (add/delete them on the 

So uh... um... I dunno what my point was. I could help you out if you need
advice, but my code would crash the fuck out of your mud, if it would even
compile :)

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