re: Portal stuff, something swept my mind :)

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 06/22/96

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Alexander van Koppen wrote:

> Thought about this, too (and even made a simple item to 'portal' people
> to another room), I made a mirror (one you could step through if you
> said (one of) the correct phrase(s)), tagged a special to it (a simple
> one that just looked for 'enter' and 'say'), and used <bla>.value[4]
> to store the destination room. (code below)


Well, all that stuff about special procedures is fine, but I guess my 
message didn't get the right angle on my viewpoint then. What I was 
trying to say is, that making special procedures seems unflexible, or in 
case when you want to preserve the flexibility VERY 
difficult/timeconsuming/whatever to add :)

An example would be if you loaded 2 portals and had a 'normal' object 
which people would enter using the enter code in the same room, what your 
spec_proc would do, would be to FORCE the person trying to enter 
something to enter the portal that was created last, at least the way I 
understood the special procedure you've built.

So, to repeat my point, if you modify the do_enter procedure in the 
mudcode, you'll end up with a solution where people can shoose any portal 
and any other stuff in the room in terms of entering what they want!

Well, hope I made myself clear now.
On the other hand you might be able to talk about a little less cpu usage 
as the spec_proc code only functions where you have portals, if you make 
a general addition to the do_enter procedure, you end up having a check 
EVERY time a person uses the do_enter procedure. So, all in all it's a 
matter of taste what one wants to do. I just wanted to make people 
considering this idea think twice before they implement it, so the idea 
allso fits their needs teh most.


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