Re: OFF TOPIC: nonsense (was: [ADV.] Malacious Bliss 2)

From: Mud (
Date: 06/22/96

I don't see how you are comparing putting an add on a mailing list
to killing somebody. Thats a bit of an extreme, wouldn't you say?
All I am saying is that I never saw any rule that said I couldn't
post ads to the Mailing List. So I posted it. (I can see it coming:
"I didn't know it was a law not to kill my sister, so it's ok!" Is
that close to what you were thinking? Now that I know how all you
people feel about advertising, I won't do it anymore. That's all you
had to tell me, was that it was not allowed. You guys didn't have to
right these 2 page flames comparing what I did to murder! Sheesh...


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