Re: OFF TOPIC: nonsense (was: [ADV.] Malacious Bliss 2)

From: Jeremy Jubenville (
Date: 06/22/96

Since we're wasting bandwith on this *stupid* subject, there's two good
reasons why we object to two-page ads for muds with implementors that act
like they're still in high school. 1)  That letter is being sent all over
the net to everyone that subscribes to this list.  2)  Because there needs
to be some precedent set.  If we allow these boys to spam all our
mailboxes with "200 levels! 9 races! clans!", then how can we tell the
next 500 people that want to do this 'no'?  We can't.  If we allow these
boys to do this can we tell then 'no' again?  We can't.
Personally, i would not like this somewhat decent list to deteriorate into
chaotic diarrhea that calls itself ''  I'm not trying to
be a prick, in fact, i rarely speak up about what goes on here...but
advertising is going just a *bit* too far. 

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, Daniel W. Burke wrote:

> Why does everyone have to be such pricks about every little thing?
> The net is littered with hot-head pricks, and it's rediculous.
> I read the ad, said to myself "gee, an add", deleted it and went about my 
> day.  It's a lot less headache for everyone if you all just ignore it.
> Go ahead and flame me for this, I'll just read it and say "gee, a flame" 
> delete it and go about my day.

If you take this for a flame, then you have no character whatsoever.  It's
the immaturity displayed in your last statement that marks the division
between the men and the boys.  If you can't take a little constructive
criticism from people who are here to help you, then what are you going to
do in real life?

Jeremy J. Jubenville (Antioch@Dark Chronicles [ 4000])

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