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Date: 06/22/96

Just one quick remark about the advertisement discussion, I really don't 
think this is the place for advertisements of that type.  It seems to me 
that most people here have their own mud's implementing to worry about, 
and probably aren't looking for a new mud to play.  Also this is a much 
different type of Off-topic post than a Linux discussion because that 
actually has to do with Circlemud's implementations, even if it is about 
Circlemuds in a Linux environment.  And, in defense of those of us still 
in highschool, formal education has nothing to do with one's maturity 
level and in many cases not one's knowledge either :)
spello() system but made it a bit more flexible?  I recently was creating
a spell 'gate' that could only target players so I added target flags 
TAR_PLR_WORLD and TAR_PLR_ROOM but I am also planning on adding a flag 
TAR_SPEC that would pass to a diffrent function and determine is a target 
is valid.  Then for example it would be easier for you to create a spell 
that only targets elves or warrios or mobs that have full hit points.  I 
als changed the section of spello() that was a TRUE/FALSE check for 
violent to an int so it could record bitvectors and renamed it flags.  
Since I haven't added many spells it was easy to change all of the TRUEs 
to CAST_VIOLENCE and all the FALSEs to CAST_NONE.  I mainly did this 
because i wanted to have sort of, levels of violence.  For example 
although 'word of recall' wouldn't start a fight but it may not be 
allowed in a PEACEFUL room so that characters couldn't be moved to a 
room  where they could be stolen from.  I was just curious if anyone had 
done something similar and if so what methods they used to go about it.  

currently the sole implementor of zeroMUD (no site)

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