Re: OFF TOPIC: nonsense (was: [ADV.] Malacious Bliss 2)

From: zen (
Date: 06/22/96

At 08:56 AM 6/22/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I don't see how you are comparing putting an add on a mailing list
>to killing somebody. Thats a bit of an extreme, wouldn't you say?
>All I am saying is that I never saw any rule that said I couldn't 
>post ads to the Mailing List. So I posted it. (I can see it coming:
>"I didn't know it was a law not to kill my sister, so it's ok!" Is
>that close to what you were thinking? Now that I know how all you
>people feel about advertising, I won't do it anymore. That's all you
>had to tell me, was that it was not allowed. You guys didn't have to
>right these 2 page flames comparing what I did to murder! Sheesh...

Ignorance of the law son is no accuse.  I'm afraid that by the power vested
in me by the AMLR(Anal Mailing List Readers) I'm gonna have to take you in =>

Come on people, it was an ad.  If you didn't want to read it then you
shouldn't have.  I can remember a while back some ads being posted to the
mailing list and everyone then get so riled up about it then so what gives
now.  I kinda liked the ad and I regret having deleted it.  Not even the
people on the linux kernel mailing list get this uptight about off topic
mail and trust me, out of the 90 or so messages they got, a lot weren't
about kernel development.  Oh well, Maybe they're less forgiving, I know
some of them have been a lot more helpful, not that the three or so people
that reply to questions with actual substance aren't helpful.  I mean,
shouldn't we be spending more time on trying to help fellow coders solve
their problems.  I mean come on know, I got more input back from a snippet
of circlemud code sent to the linux kernel mailing list, mistakingly of
course, then I did from this Mailing list, and the people on the LKML didn't
scream at me because I posted something that was way off topic.  Well, I
guess that's enough ranting for now.  Please direct all flames to this
message to and not

Thank You and Have a nice day.  BTW, Mud, Could you send me another copy of
that add, I like knowing what muds offer before going and wasting my limited
time on them.  

Imp of NeroMud

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