Re: Is there a FAQ?

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/23/96

Jeff Burrell wrote:
> Has anyone compiled a FAQ from the questions that have been asked on this list?
> -Jeff

CIRCLE FAQ v 0.1 by Jack Wilson (tongue in cheek)

Q: Will adding more levels, classes, and spells to a stock circle
   MUD increase the size of my penis?

A: Absolutely.

Q: I just visited a MUD that needed builders, and I saw a couple of
   cool features that I'd like to implement on my MUD.  I totally
   suck at coding, how can I add them?  Please email me the code.

A: First of all, under no circumstances should you ever actually ask
   the people who wrote the MUD how to code the stuff.  No, the only
   way to solve this is to ask 500 total strangers in fifteen countries,
   some of whom are implementors on the MUD you visited.

Q: How can I get people to write cool areas for my MUD?

A: Spam the Circle mailing list.

A: Leave your 14.4K internet connection up 5-6 hours a day,
   and advertise your MUD as having a stable site.

A: Add more levels, classes, and spells to a stock circle MUD.
   This won't necessarily get you more builders, but it will
   increase the size of your penis.

Q: How can I get people to play my MUD?

A: Spam the Circle mailing list.

A: Slavishly copy all features you find on all other MUDs.
   By the law of averages, some of these features will be
   cool and you will get more players.

A: Do not innovate, as players will be frightened off by
   a MUD that differs even the tiniest bit from the norm.

Q: How can I get a site?

A: Spam the Circle mailing list.

A: Once you have two or three builders, spam every ISP in
   existence with a site request for your extremely popular
   MUD.  In particular, send e-mail to root at every site
   that is currently running a MUD - these sites have oodles
   of free bandwidth that they're just dying to give away,
   and nobody has ever tried this approach before.

Q: Oasis OLC keeps crashing, PUH-LEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

A: Congratulations on having the bravery to ignore all
   the other complaints about buggy Oasis OLC code and
   installing it in your own MUD.  Your builders and
   players will really appreciate a MUD that crashes
   every 5 minutes.

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