Re: Alias patch

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/23/96

On Sun, 23 Jun 1996, Mike Levine wrote:

> Does anyone have a fix to the alias patch? It's supposed to allow you
> to save aliases but chokes during compilation.
> If anyone has the time I'd appreciate a little help with this dilema.
> The alias patch bombs out with an error with structs.h on line 115.
> At first I thought it might be a formatting problem with the
> structs.h file but I virtually retyped it by hand to confirm it wasn't
> that.

Isn't this in the fucking FAQ, yet?!  Okay, for the ten billionth,
seven-hundred and fifty millionth, five hundred and seventy two
thousandth, four-hundred and sixty-first time... (grin)

Remove all the #include <...> files from the beginning of it, and replace
them with:

  #include "sysdep.h"
  #include "conf.h"

Do not remove any of the #include "..."  When you encounter similar
problems to this one, look at the header files.  Every CircleMUD since
pl10 (or was it 11?) MUST have sysdep.h and conf.h included.  It's kind of
obvious, IMHO, considering every single file has them in it and the new
header files are mentioned within the changes list.


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