Re: Oasis OLC/Medit

From: Al Figliolia (
Date: 06/23/96

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996 wrote:

> I added
> send_to_char("In MEDIT_CONFIRM_SAVESTRING", d->char);

There is one flaw with this, I may be wrong but I believe send_to_char 
adds that string to the descriptors queue, so that if the mud crashes 
right after a send_to_char but before a pulse the message will just sit 
on the queue and never get sent. The better way to do this would be to 
either use a debugger (gdb or dbx) or to use log, or some other function 
that outputs immeadiatly.

> If I answer no to 'Do you want to save changes?' then I get the proper
> message of "In MEDIT...."
> but if I answer crashes...w/o the message
> The weird part is....that the code to do what you want depending on the
> *arg is AFTER teh above it isn't the actual YES I WANT TO
> SAVE THE MOB code....

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