Re: Level Restrictions on equipment

From: Iggy (
Date: 06/24/96

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, Linebacker wrote:

> Can someone post a simple guideline I can use to add level restrictions
> to equipment. Maybe tell me the files involved and etc..
> I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.
> Chuck

You must edit these files:

act.informative.c - (+) after items' name which you can't use.
act.obj.c         - Lots of changes.
act.wizard.c      - Level in stat and vstat commands.
db.c              - New object reader (New format in .obj files!). Put the 
                    minlevel after wear bitvector. So the line is
                    (see in building.doc, 5.1): <type flag> <extra
                    (effects) bitvector> <wear bitvector> <min. level>
spells.c          - Change the identify spell. It must show the minlevel of
structs.h         - New data in obj_flag_data, called: level.
utils.h           - GET_OBJ_LEVEL macro and dunno what else...
If you need more details mail me and I'll send you the code.


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