Re: patchlevel11 -> final

Date: 06/24/96

Ther is another option.  That is to make you own patch file.  As you imp
significant new options, create a patch file that will take stock Circle 
patch 11 and update it with you changes.  That way when the final version 
is released you can simply apply your patch tp it and bring in all the 
custom function.  Of course there may be places where this doesn't work 
and you would still have to patch by hand, but chances are good that you 
would have to do less than if you updated each patch level of Circle by hand.

My $.02

Patrick McNamara
Sarek of Krynn

On Sun, 23 Jun 1996, Nick wrote:

> I am interested in heavily modifying Circle 3p11... however, I am worried
> that if I do so, and the final comes out, it will be a MAJOR pain to port
> all the modified code over to the final.  Will the 'patch' program efficiently
> work around the hoards of modified code that I may put in?  Or do I have to
> just wait and waste time in the mean time? (i hope this option doesn't come
> up).
> Thanks in advance,
> Hash

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