Re: Saving Aliases (Bug)
Date: 06/24/96

On Mon, 24 Jun 1996, Wu Tang Clan wrote:

> I followed all the instructions in the alias.REAME file to the "tee"
> bug when tried to compile the mud again i got several errors
> As followed:
> 	In file included form alias.c:19
> 	structs.h:876 parse error before 'socket_t'
> 	structs.h:876 warning:no semicolon at the end of structs or union
> 	structs.h:905 parse error before '}'
> The structs.h has not been touch and it works fine with the other files
> just doesn't work with alias.c or newalias.c

<cough> Are you really sure this shouldn't be in the FAQ? <cough>

First thing would be go get the new alias patch from cambot, I believe 
Alex has said it's there.  I don't mean newalias.c, either.

Second thing, this has been answered a billion times over, yet no-one 
seems it useful to be added into the FAQ...  What you need to do is 
remove all the #include <...> lines and replace them with:

  #include "sysdep.h"
  #include "conf.h"

Do not remove any of the #include "..." lines.


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