CODE: Skill/Spell Database

From: ????? (
Date: 06/26/96

Has anyone made or tried to make a skills/spells database that is read from
a file like zones and worlds.  If so could you please share what you went
through to implement this.  Any suggestions on how to go about doing this
would be greatly appreciated.  Thanx.

BTW, about the post that Hades put up, why do so many of you have to be such
dicks.  He's offering a helpful service to mud implementors.  I mean, if you
think that some of his prices are to high then write to him personally and
say 'Hey, is there some way possible that you could lower your prices, they
just seem to be a little to high'.  You talk about people needing to learn
how to type and form sentences, well you need to learn how to communicate.
Sheesh, hasn't history taught you anything.  Violence only begets more
violence and nothing gets solved.  Now I see why so many Implementors steer
clear of this mailing list.  People spend more time flaming each other then
trying to help.

Well, enough bitching from me.

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