Oasis bug...

From: WILLIAM P MCNAMARA (wpm@engr.uark.edu)
Date: 06/26/96

I'm sure this problem has been touched on before, in fact I think I have 
seen it recently, however I don't remeber what the fix was.  Here is the 

When using OasisOLC's oedit to create a new object my mud simply shuts 
down when I try and save the object internally.  There is no core dump, 
nothing in ANY of the system logs reflects the fact that something went
terribly wrong.  In fact, the only logs that change are the restarts log 
and the old system log hierachy is updated.

I know it is something to do with the new object, cause I can edit old 
objects with no problem.


Thanks in adavnce to whomever takes time out of there day to help me.

Patrick McNamara
Sarek of Krynn

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