New lower prices for the site service!

From: Hades (
Date: 06/27/96

First off... flame away, I dont care. There are plenty of people on the list
who appreiciated the last post, and this is for them. If it hurts you so to
look at it, feel free to flame away. You will not ellicit a reply.

The prices have dropped drastically due to a newer service I was able to get
hooked in with. Please read the full docs as there have also been some
policy changes.

Welcome to mudtech! The place on the net where we ENCOURAGE you to run your
mud and kick some ass while doing it. Most if not all ISP's out there do not
want a program that uses 5% CPU time and anywhere from 4 to 20 megs of ram
on their systems, and who can blame them? It beats the hell out of the
system for the other regular users, not to mention eating bandwidth like
crazy. So I have developed a solution... mudtech.

Setup fee               -       No charge.
Base mud account        -       $55/month
Addtl 20 megs of space  -       $10/month (to bring it to 35)
Addtl 35 megs of space  -       $15/month (to bring it to 50)
Addtl shell accounts    -       $5/month/account
Personal hostname setup -       $10 one time fee (includes 1st month)
Hostname monthly charge -       $3/month
RAM overages            -       $2/meg/month
Ftp space               -       $5 per 10 megs/month.
Web page                -       Coming soon.
Tech/coding support     -       No charge.
Voice support           -       No charge.
Intermud connectivity   -       No charge.

The Base mud account includes:
15 megs of disk storage on a Linux box, a RAM quota of 8 megs (see below),
on a 64k connection to the internet. (The 64k connection is for each mud,
not one 64k connection shared between them all)
One shell account to access the mud, additional shell accounts are available
at $5 per month per account (In case, for some reason, you need another
account for your builders and whatnot.)
Full email capability on each shell account. News, lynx, and the like will
not be available because this site is dedicated to muds, it's not a shell
account with full internet access.

Extra disk space is prices as listed above.

You can have your mud be run from, instead of <port>, <port> for a one time setup fee of $10, and a
$3/month maintenance charge. 

RAM overages - Your muds quota would be 8 megabytes, yet you are not limited
to 8 megabytes (as your disk space is quotaed). If your mud runs consistently
at more than 8 megs, you will be billed $2/meg over 8, to be rounded up to
the nearest half meg. 8 megs is more than plenty for a mud unless it is huge,
and even huge muds can run low on ram if it is coded correctly. See below
for further explanation.

FTP space - This chargeable space is for anon disk space for your users to
ftp in to get docs, maps, gifs/jpegs/etc. You will have normal ftp access to
the mud account itself, but you will use the account name/password/disk quota
there, and of course you do not want your users to have access to that

Voice and email tech/coding support is available and free.

Web page support for your mud will be added soon and prices if any will be
computed then.

Intermud connectivity is available on the system at no charge (for it costs
me nothing but a small degree of bandwidth).

Upon starting up with, you will be billed for the first months
payment plus a security deposit of the same amount, which will cover the
last months payment if you should decide to stop running your mud on, or to cover any charges of fees or penalties due to illegal or
wrongful use of the system.

You will be billed every 30 days, payment due by the 5th of the month. If
payment is not received by the 10th, the account will be locked down, and a
$10 re-activation fee will be imposed. If payment is not received by the
15th of the month, the account, and mud, will be deleted, and your
security/last months payment will be forfeit.

I expect to be up and running by the end of September, as I
cannot even begin to start the process until I move at the end of August.

If you are interested, or have any questions or comments, you can direct
email to:

Explanations of how the lower prices were achieved and why the many
additional costs:
My original site necessitated that I charge $100/account, and I found a
cheaper option. I am, as requested by many people, trying my hardest to
reduce prices as low as possible for everyone, which is why the breakdown
in pricing, and more additional charges than before. The last revision was
posted with a 50 meg quota and no ram quota. By lowering the quotas for
them, and charging for overage, I can effectively lower the price for the
base accounts. A lot of small muds and chat clients do not use more than 15/8
so that is what I based it on.

Why the change from mudsite to mudtech? I did not know of the existence of, until it was quite rudely pointed out to me in one of the many
flames I was the target of because of the postings. I have checked, and is open, and the request for hostname is being sent to the 
InterNIC within a few days to ensure it's availability.

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