To All Newbies

From: Jeeves (philipe@[
Date: 06/27/96

NOTE: While any newbies reading the list now will benefit from this 
post, it may also be a good idea to add this the the Circle FAQ.

The old adage "watch and learn" goes well with MUD coding, and C 
coding in general. When you get on the list, don't post anything. I 
was on the list for several weeks before I posted anything 
code-related. Just pay close attention to every message. Read them 
all (icky, I know, but it is useful). You'll find out a *lot* about 
mud coding, and possibly get some ideas. Pay special attention 
whenever anyone posts code. This is a good learning opportunity. 
Don't know what a function is (and you're bankrupt from signing up with 
Mudtech so you can't buy a book)? Just read the list, and when an imp 
posts his function and says "I can't figure out what's going on with 
this _function_", you can look at it and see what it is yourself. 
Read the CircleMUD code itself and get familiar with how it works, 
even if you don't code (it will help you appreciate the gruesome 
tasks of implementors).

Three months ago, I knew nothing about C coding. I was (shudder) an 
end-user who was ignorant of everything about software that had 
importance. I played a mud, and I realized that I wanted to build my 
own (I hated theirs, their builders couldn't spell at all). So I 
talked to two of my friends, who came to share the vision. They 
wanted to build, so I shrugged and went off to learn C. I got a copy 
of MSVC++ 1.52 cheap, and got GCC to use under Linux. I stole my 
friend's book _Learn C for the Macintosh_, and studied it 
awhile...learned what a function was and whatnot. I don't even own a 
mac, but it was still helpful. I subscribed to the CircleMUD mailing 
list, and learned a whole lot more about coding for muds. Now, I can 
program at a fairly good level (I'm not modifying Linux kernel source 
yet, but mud coding has become easy), and my mud is progressing quite 
well. In the words of Billy H. Chan:


So don't post messages asking for code, and don't complain when 
someone else's code (prime offenders: Oasis OLC, Strom's Multiclass 
Code, MOBPROGS) doesn't work. Coding is like building things...don't 
go running to another construction site and take their cement, it 
might be the wrong kind.

-- Jeeves, Everyone's Friend
Also the Creator/IMP/Builder of CalaisMUD

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