Weapon Spell Patch

From: Linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 06/27/96

Can someone explain what exactly this weapon spell patch does? 

for ex: can you create a 'fireball sword' that will do fireball
damage when it hits or is it for affect spells only?

I could not find a readme on this patch anywhere. Also, I noticed it
was created for pl8, does anyone know if it works for pl11?

Finnaly, if I imp'd this patch, would _all_ my objects have to
contain new values, or will it only apply to those objects that I want to
have spell affects on?

for ex: Would a piece of bread with no affects still need 0's placed in
the appropriate spots? This would totally suck, as I have almost 50 object 
files. =(

Thanks for any help,

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