Re: Multiple Attacks

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/27/96

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, ????? wrote:

> At 01:19 PM 6/27/96 +0200, you wrote:
>> And my perform_violence() looks something like this (taken from head):
>> [snip]
>> As you can see, I added a new argument to the hit() function, the attack 
>> number.

> void perform_violence(int APT) /* APT Attacks Per Turn */
> {
> [snip]
>                 for (lwp = apt; lwp <= 0; lwp--)
>                     {
>                       hit(ch, FIGHTING(ch), TYPE_UNDEFINED);
>                     }

No, that wouldn't work, that'd give everyone the same amount of attacks
and it would crash because of a NULL FIGHTING(ch) pointer.  Here's the
proper code, assuming you add a variable to player_specials_saved (or
whatever the structure is named) called apt, and a macro in utils..h to
get the apt from a character...

  -at the top of perform_violence() with other casts-
  int atp;

  -in perform violence after the first hit() call-
  for (atp = 0; atp < GET_ATP(ch) && FIGHTING(ch); atp++)
    if (number(1, 100-(atp*5)) > number(1, 101))
      hit(ch, FIGHTING(ch), TYPE_UNDEFINED);

Note that it checks FIGHTING(ch) in the 'for' statement.  This is so if
FIGHTING(ch) becomes NULL it will exit the loop without calling hit()

The reason I chose to have an 'atp' variable that is saved into the player
file is because that gives you the ultimate flexibility and ease of use.
That means you can have a skill (like SKILL_2ND_ATTACK) add a second
attack to the character's atp, or choose a new route where you have a
skill SKILL_INCREASE_ATP or something which when it hits LEARNED(ch) it is
set back to 0 and atp is increased.

Also take notice that the higher the attacks the greater chance of it
missing.  For instance, the first attack has a range of 1-95, while the
second has a range of 1-90, the third would have a range of 1-85, and the
fourth would have a range of 1-80.  And so forth downward by five.  This
means that if someone has tons of attacks they don't always get them all.
A good thing, too, IMHO.  It becomes too easy to kill someone when you
always get 3 attacks per round.


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