Re: More MUD sites

From: Jörgen (
Date: 06/28/96

> Here are some more sites which offer better packages than  
> "MUD TECH" (which doesn't exist yet).  Quotes are directly from
> the service providers in question.


Come on! I thought this mailinglist was for people who wants to help or be
helped when it comes to CODING and RUNNING a CircleMUD, not finding a site for
it. As I see it, finding a site is not directly related to Circle. Stuff like 
this should go to newsgroups such as or something like that.
Or perhaps a new newsgroup would be appropriate ?

I think this whole thing has gone too far. I, and I think many others, see your
point. Please use this mailinglist seriously. This list could be a great
resource for both experienced as new coders if it wasn't for all this SPAM,
that really doesn't have anything to do with CircleMUD. 

Please, stop this spam now.

// Zigg

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