Re: CODE: Intros Revisited

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/28/96

ks white wrote:
> who initiates the intro? Can you trust the players to set
> their intro for an enemy of theirs who just heard their name?

I assume that the introduction would be a simple command, as in

   introduce [myself to] <person>

and the code would take care of the rest.

%The muscular dwarf introduces himself to you.  His name is Homer.
%Homer says, 'Hi there!  What's your name?'
%You say, 'Thanks for the intro, sucker!'
%You cast 'soul jar' at Homer.
%Homer says, 'Doh!' as his soul is sucked into your pouch.
%You laugh maniacally as you loot Homer's limp body.

Hmm, I see that it is possible to abuse such a system, because the
person Homer is introducing himself to might not return the favor.
Oh well, boors will be boors no matter what the setting... :)  No
amount of software can stop that.  If you force players to reciprocate,
people will just abuse that capability as a 0-casting-cost True Name
spell.  And then your intro system would be totally shot.

If you allow

   introduce [myself to] <person> [as <name>]

that would make things pretty hairy in terms of game balance, unless
you only allow <name> to be an alias.  Otherwise you'd have people
going around impersonating powerful players and/or imms/imps.  Ugh.

You'll still have impersonation under a simple intro system,  but at
least impersonation of that sort can't be pulled off forever.

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