CODE: Wierd Oasis Bug

From: Mike Donais. (
Date: 06/28/96

Well I realize lots of people are posting about oasis bugs, since I haven't
seen this one I suppose I will ask about it.

I have really wierd errors occuring from time to time on the mud.
Often it is zon file changes.  The actual .zon save files are somehow
changing by themselves.  Like a shopkeeper normally loads to room 'x'
then all of a sudden a new mob (that was JUST built) is loaded into his
place.  And I look at the .zon files and sure enough the new mobs vnum is 
there and the file isn't corrupt or anything.  This problem happens even
before save_to_disk it happens immediatly.  Here is a specific example:

medit creating new mob 8301, is causing the zedit to point to 8301 instead
of 8302 like it should be.

was load mob 8302, now its load mob 8301 in 2 rooms.

Zone file 83 before problem occured:
...lots of lines...
M 0 8302 2 8302

Presently mob 8302 is loading in room 8302. It works fine.

Now we create a mob 8301 (since mob 8301 did not exist before).
We then zedit to make mob 8301 load up in room 8301.

[at this point the bug manifests itself, room 8302 is changed by itself]

we then do zedit save 83, medit save 83. [note the bug came before saving]

here is the new 83.zon after the problem occured:
D 0 8301 0 1      /* this new line is added */
M 0 8301 2 8301   /* this new line is added */
M 0 8301 2 8302   /* This line replaced the old load mob line in the .zon */

I am pretty sure the problem is in zedit.c save_internally as opposed to
save_to_file since the problem manifests before it is saved to file.
[I will include the zedit_save_internally function at the bottom. 

Anyone with a clue about this please help.

Note that the bugs are not consistent, they happen at unpredictable times
and do unpredictable things, but normally the zon file gets edited.
Mike Donais. (BOFH) (
SOCR: Student Operated Computing Resources (
If yours is different or you can see a error plz tell me:

void zedit_save_internally(struct descriptor_data *d)
{ int subcmd = 0, cmd_room = -2, room_num;

  room_num = real_room(OLC_NUM(d));

  /*. Zap all entried in zone_table that relate to this room .*/
  while(ZCMD.command != 'S')
  { switch(ZCMD.command)
    { case 'M':
      case 'O':
        cmd_room = ZCMD.arg3;
      case 'D':
      case 'X':
      case 'R':
        cmd_room = ZCMD.arg1;
    if(cmd_room == room_num)
      remove_cmd_from_list(&(zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].cmd), subcmd);

  /*. Now add all the entries in the players descriptor list .*/
  subcmd = 0;
  while(MYCMD.command != 'S')
  { add_cmd_to_list(&(zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].cmd), &MYCMD, subcmd);

  /*. Finally, if zone headers have been changed, copy over .*/
  if (OLC_ZONE(d)->number)
  { free(zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].name);
    zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].name        = str_dup(OLC_ZONE(d)->name);
    zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].top         = OLC_ZONE(d)->top;
    zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].reset_mode  = OLC_ZONE(d)->reset_mode;
    zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].lifespan    = OLC_ZONE(d)->lifespan;
  olc_add_to_save_list(zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].number, OLC_SAVE_ZONE);

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