From: Alexander van Koppen (
Date: 06/29/96

Hi !

Mmh, I ran into this sometime myself (it fixed itself though ;) ) but
I thought it had something to do with the echo_off / echo_on having
to be 'flushed' through with a linefeed. (e.g. if there's no linefeed
after the echo_xxx and before the input, the echo_xxx is simply not
send to the other side), this might have to do with the linemode 
circle puts telnet into...

See ya !

> > Well, this question might be extremely simple, but even though I've been 
> > trying to find the reason why the password is displayed, when a new char 
> > is asked to 'Give a new password for CHAR :'.
> > In interpreter.c under CON_NAME_CONFRM it does that echo_off(d) thing, 
> > that SHOULD make the entering of the password invisible, but both in my 
> > modified bpl8, and the unmodified bpl11 it displays the password.
> > What dazzles me is, that when you are asked to 'reenter' the password it 
> > is correctly hidden... 

> ...
> I'm prretty sure that's close enough to the truth because no one else has 
> come across this problem (except Rasmus now) so unless Rasmus is the same
> problem player (hehe), it might just be line-latency
> -- Billy  H. Chan
>    CogSci/CompSci     ResumeInside

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