Re: Proposed Idea and a few questions. AND Strom Multiclass (bit)

From: Ric Klaren (
Date: 06/29/96


On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, Jeannette Townsend wrote:

> Races:  Anyone ever tried adding races to circle 3.x?

My first IMP-job... those good old times ;) I used the Strom code from the
ftp site. I did some cut'n'paste with class.c of both Lostlands and Circle.
Used one of the fill chars/ints in the player file to save the race -> change
in db.c (dunno what it was anymore db.c... changed very much on our mud..
Anyhowsers it was a function which did the translation of some player structs
to the save struct or something...) If you do it right you even won't have to
convert the playerfiles. 

Parts of the new player menu's where taken from lostlands too. Some trivial
changes to the nanny function (interpreter.c), a few extra states for being
in the races selection menu etc. See lostlands code... 

Lostlands had also a reincarnation option. I left it out (too much work at
the time)

Then there also parts in the do_score (act.informative.c) function print the
race. And changes to our OLC system (based on one of the standard systems
(dunno which that's on our other IMP's turf)) We also did some changes on the
special function for the guild_guards (to make them discriminate certain

One warning I only took out the races the multiclass code is a bit trickier..
more changes all over the code. 

> I have found that the average age for an implementor of a mud is 19. The
> average age for a mudder is much younger.  I have found a few that are
> older. I think that is why people are so quick to flame. 

Gosh I immediately feel OLD ;)

Greetinx GrimReaper

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