Re: one more quick question about identd

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 06/29/96

> The ident thing that lets you see the full address of players entering the mud
> how meny players have whats needed on their end.  IE how often does it work
> i dont wanna take the time to set it up if it only works every once in
> a while.  BUt if it generaly works it might be worth looking at.  IF
> anyone knows about it and could let me know that would be helpful.

The problem with running ident services is that unless you thread that
routine, it will lag your muds when people try to log on.  Also, with as
many people as are running muds clients on non-unix machines, you will
find that many of your users won't show a username.  win95 and nt do have
available RFC-1413 compatible servers available, but most people don't
use them, and the user can easily change the identification string they
report anyway.

Brian Pape

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