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From: Barid Bel Medar (
Date: 06/29/96

On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Primacy wrote:

> >> > Base mud account	-	$100/month
> >> > Addtl shell accounts	-	$10/month/account
> >> > Personal hostname setup	-	$30 one time fee (includes 1st month)
> >> > Hostname monthly charge	-	$5/month
> Here's the info for my Internet service provider.
> Base account charge - $14.95/month (unlimited access)
> Personal hostname setup - $50 one time fee
> Hostname yearly charge - $50 year

Your "personal hostname setup" is WAYYY too expensive.  Remember, a 
hostname costs zip.  All it requires is an entry in the DNS records.

However, a domain name free is charged by the InterNIC for a domain, 
which is $50/year for two years, no "one time fee."  Tell your ISP to 
screw it yourself and just do it yourself.  Just get someone on 
SprintLink to register the IP address in DNS for you, it'll automagically 
go to the whole world.

You're getting ripped off, here. ;p

Here's mine:

$19.95/mo for unlimited access
$10.00 one-time-fee for hostname
$50.00/yr for two years for domain name registration
$10.00 setup fee for a domain name

Of course, getting a halfway-decent connection costs more...  that's 
where getting two or three modems and then balancing the load between 
them is useful.  Of course, my ISP makes you pay through the nose if 
you're on 24-hours a day, but still...

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