Re: one more quick question about identd

From: Ground Zero Enterprises (
Date: 06/29/96

Not everything in this message is correct.  I installed a patch for 
ident handling that was written by Eric Green and I have not noticed that 
people could not login or that the MUD freezes what so ever.  It is 
stabel and works pretty well.  I would suggest it if you are interested 
in installing an Ident h.andler

On Sat, 29 Jun 1996, Barid Bel Medar wrote:

> On Sat, 29 Jun 1996, Ben Leibig wrote:
> > The ident thing that lets you see the full address of players entering the mud
> What is this supposed to mean?
> > how meny players have whats needed on their end.  
> Is this a question, or a statement?
> Anyone who's running an ident daemon.  Telnet to port 113 of a computer 
> and see if it answers.  If it does, an identd is being run.
> > IE how often does it work
> Whenever it's running and you have the correct information.
> > i dont wanna take the time to set it up if it only works every once in 
> > a while.  BUt if it generaly works it might be worth looking at.  
> It always works.  Do you expect it to just not answer or something?  
> Linux has it on by default.  SunOS does not, but it can be easily 
> enabled.  In other words, about 75-80% of the people who visit your MUD 
> will have an identd running or be able to run one.  Dynamic IP accounts 
> MUST add an identd to the system, which are found everywhere (for IRC, 
> usually).
> > IF 
> > anyone knows about it and could let me know that would be helpful.
> > 
> Try the Internet Requests for Comments (RFC's).  Go to Yahoo, search for 
> "RFC".  Look for the RFC list, then choose the RFC index.  Once it's 
> loaded, search for the word "identification" (search by browser, not web 
> page).  Then click on the RFC number nearby.  It will tell you the 
> implementation of identd as used on all UNIX systems.
> Be aware that the RFC suggests waiting for *at least* 30 seconds to 
> accomadate network lag.  During that time, CircleMUD will not be able to 
> log on new users.  If you plan on running a busy MUD, either find a way 
> around this or don't use an identd.
> You must also write the ident function yourself.  It's pretty easy, but 
> you have to be prepared to handle all the errors correctly (i.e., only 
> throw someone off if he refuses to identify himself).  There are a lot of 
> possible responses: connect refused, user hidden, no user present on that 
> port, and so on.  Only in the last two cases should you (normally) throw 
> users off, as that indicates that you've got someone up to no good on the 
> other side.
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