From: the count (goamkows@janeway.geog.scarolina.edu)
Date: 06/30/96

ok, i know this was discussed before, but i didn't have a C++ compiler
at the time so i ignored it... but now i do :D  
so, what was the final word on moving circle code to C++?

and on an unrelated note, i think it would be kinda neat to create
some sort of windows application "The Implmentors Console".  the main
window would be the active session to the mud, and along one side
could be a scrollable window with a periodically updating "who" list.
and then there could be a big red button (with the label "DO NOT
TOUCH!"  ;) to click on for rebooting :) 
and maybe a speed bar for the imp commands, like a little snowflake
or snowman icon for the "freeze" command, which, when you click on it,
brings up a dialog box with the command in it (in this case, freeze),
and then you could either type in the target (or, if it requires
additional arguments, have menus of some sort to select the options),
or if the target is a person, click on their name in the who list and
it fills it in.  and when you hit return or click on OK, it sends the
command to the mud.  

ok, so it would probably be faster to just type the commands manually,
but it would look really spiffy ;)

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