Patch 11

From: M.A.Clubine (
Date: 06/30/96

Okay this is a sort of newbie question, feel free to flame, ONLY after 
you have been helpful with this probelm of mine.

I havde a highly modified patch 10 mud running right now.  I am at the 
step where I would like to patch it up to 11, but I don't quite 
understand the process.  I have the patch10-11.patch file from the 
CircleMUD ftp site, but I just don't understand.  I would rather patch 
the changes in from hand, as to not over write anything we have done, but 
where would I get a copy of these not in a patch file?

Bascially I am asking how do I patch up from 10-11, and that patch file 
is very confusing, so please don't say get the patch file.
I would prefer email back to myself and not the list, unless you think 
this is something others might want to read.

Michael A. Clubine

p.s. I got a complaint about my sig file being too large, and even 
thought I didn't think it was a big deal, I took it out.

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