Re: [Circle] Doorbash Skill

From: Mark McArthey (
Date: 08/01/96

You're saying the doorbash skill exists?  
How does a player execute this command, and where in the 
code is it implemented?

Just curious,

 Mark McArthey          `  _ ,  '   -  (o)o)  -  

On Thu, 1 Aug 1996, Chris Grantham wrote:

> This is just.. ugh.
> At 11:01 PM 7/30/96 -0700, you wrote:
> >I was thinking about how to make a Doorbash skill, where if there is a 
> >closed door you could "doorbash" it. I figured it would deal with 
> >checking the amount the skill has been practiced, then if it works, send 
> >a msg like "You bash the door down!" and then open the door.

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