[Circle] Large Mail...

From: jascha (jascha@bart.nl)
Date: 08/01/96

Hoi circle community,

I have been on this mailing list for some weeks now... and saw some thinks i
think ppl do not even know they are doing... for instance... things like...
my program does not compile, here look here is all my source and all
my error messages.... very nice and sure someone can fix it... but please
stick to the point.... if you need help that is ok... everyone started some
day.. (i started recently on Circle, but do not wine about every warning i
can't fix within an hour)... please just post the part of the code that is
givin the error, including a few lines before and a fews lines after...
please also tell which compiler/OS you're using to compile on... it makes
it easier to tell you about KNOWN flaky behaviour of some OS'es/Compiles...
but please do not put more than say approx 100 lines in a messie...

if we all help each other a little bit we will all be better in the end...
just my 2 cent...

Jascha Hoogenraad

Restor @ WOT (laughter.n-e-t.co.uk port 4000/4001(alfa/beta version))
       @ Aurora (aurora.org.au port 4201)
       @ Undernet (london.uk.eu.undernet.org or diemen.nl.eu.undernet.org)
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