[Circle] NEWBIE/CODE new imm level crashes mud

From: William Elwartowski 4556 (ELWARTOWS_WL@A1.RSCC.CC.TN.US)
Date: 08/02/96

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I added an IMP level <Quest Master>

#define LVL_IMPL        75
#define LVL_GRGOD       74
#define LVL_GOD         73
#define LVL_QUESTM      72  /* < I put it here in structs.h */
#define LVL_IMMORT      71

Now when someone is advanced to level 74 it crashes the mud and then when the 
mud reboots sets them to level 75 even if the person who advanced them was level 

with no playerfile you can't even start the 1'st imp char.

I am at a total loss as to where to look for this and any help would be
greatly appreciated


"ME??  Crazy?  you must be nuts!"    
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                                    -Elwartowski W. L.
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