[Circle] NEWBIE: several questions.

From: Cyber Reaper (Reaper@cyber.reno.nv.us)
Date: 08/02/96

ok, first what steps should be taken to raise the levels allowed on my mud?
right now it is the stock 34, but I want like 100, what files should I edit,
what commands should I watch for, stuff like that. second I have a couple of
routines I have made for spells, right now they are ACMD's accessable only
to gods, I have done a grep -5 fireball *.c and all and do not see how I
would empliment this, first spells.o cannot be edited in pico so how would I
edit commands there? what all refrenced do I have to make to the routine?
basicaly I need (*sigh*) a walk through, I looked on the snippet page and
looked at the spells there, but the only one that gave any REAL info was the
portall spell, and all that showed was how to include a obj in with a spell. 

well, I think that is about all right now, thank you much. bye.
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