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From: Amy & Ryan Biggs (
Date: 08/03/96

>How on earth would I go about limiting the # of pets a player could have?
>Because my mud is still in BETA and the money definately is NOT balanced
>out yet, some players buy 30+ pets which is HIGHLY annoying ;)

Heh heh...we had that on NoMUD too....the army of kittens for me.  "Talos
leads the army of kittens"  And of course all of Midgaard suffered my
wrath.  :)  Or by using animate dead I had more skeletons than any term
program could handle.  Everytime I walked into a room, or any player joined
me, they were spammed off.  I had one player constantly logging on, chasing
me, spammed off, and starting all over.  Finally I cast an earthquake and
killed the lot of them.  :)

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