[Circle] Mob Memory

From: Demetrius Harris (ldh1@Archive.MsState.Edu)
Date: 08/04/96

I have added a feature to the do_stat command which allows you see a mobs
piss list (piss list -- list of players in mobs memory that the mob will 
attack if player in same room as mob).

Also, i have written two function which allows you to remove a player 
from a mobs piss list and one which allows you to added a player to a 
mobs piss list.

:) i made the add just because i made the remove... only reason i have 
for needing to add a player to a mobs piss list.

Because you all have been so helpfull to me i offer this code if there is a 
request for it.. 

Shame the Imp 
SliceMUD -- [lotus.cim.msstate.edu 4000] \ [ 4000]

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