[Circle] bug? oasis

From: George (gagreer@dragon.ham.muohio.edu)
Date: 08/05/96

the percent memory use of the mud climb up 6-7%.  It's not permanent
though, because if I reboot the mud it resets back to close what it
was before the builders started.  I'm not sure if it is OasisOLC
not freeing everything it uses, or if my Linux 1.2.8 memory stuff needs
work (I'll check this out when the server upgrades in a couple weeks).
I looked into freeing more of the memory but always get seg faults for
my efforts...anyone else have the problem or know of a fix?

-George of Dragon'Spire, port 5000.

Ps - An auction queue is really easy to add to that auction code of mine 
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